1. Online
Christmas Calendar

- boost your brand value and cultivate relationships

Get more out of your marketing budget than before! With an online Christmas Calendar, you can attract more customers, boost your traffic, expand your permission database and get more fans on Facebook. There is no limit to the benefits an online Christmas Calendar gives you. The Christmas Calendar encourages your customers to find out more about your business in an enjoyable and entertaining way, allowing you to build relationships with your customers, who are stimulated on a daily basis to seek and obtain information about you in an exciting way via the Christmas Calendar universe.

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Did you know that 80% of your customers expect a better user experience on mobile than on their computer?

2. Take the Christmas Calendar with you everywhere

- optimised for smartphones and tablets

NetBooster’s Christmas calendar works on all smartphones and tablets. Your customers can access the Christmas Calendar quickly and easily – anytime, anywhere – giving them lots of information about your company, without it taking too much of their time. While your customers are on the train, for example, they can open the day’s door, answer the day’s question and navigate around the Christmas Calendar universe. Daily dialogue with your customers is thus achieved, allowing you to provide them with knowledge about your business in an easy and entertaining way, round the clock.

3. Use Facebook

- increase your social value

Take advantage of the Christmas Calendar’s link to Facebook. Your customers have the option of “sharing” or “liking” your company’s Facebook page or the Christmas Calendar itself when they are in the Christmas Calendar to answer the question of the day. This activity will automatically appear on their Facebook wall, and your customers are thereby actively helping to the spread and increase awareness of your company. You can also “share” the Christmas Calendar through your Facebook page. No matter which option you choose, the result is major branding of your business through social media.

1. The best result

- get quality leads

If you choose an Christmas Calendar from NetBooster, you are assured the best results of the highest quality, as we attach great importance to validation. We have optimised our validation and developed innovative, new technology that improves the quality, and through various methods, we can ensure that you get only quality leads. You avoid receiving invalid leads as through e-mail validation and the pinging of telephone numbers, we only pass on valid leads. Through Analytics and Cameo, we also ensure that you reach out to your specific target group – and that you do so in the right place, at the right time.

2. Increased awareness before December

- maximise your return

Before December, you can choose to have a campaign page through which you can gather leads for your Christmas Calendar. If you choose this option, you automatically have a lot more customers who are ready to participate in the Christmas Calendar at the start of December. This ensures that the Christmas Calendar gets off to the best possible start, giving you far greater return from the Christmas Calendar in December.

12 reasons

- why choose an online Christmas Calendar?



You can put the Christmas Calendar on your Facebook page, and link to your Facebook page to the Christmas Calendar. Whichever path you choose, your customers will actively help promote your company through the “like” and “share” functions.



Simple and easy set-up through our Christmas Calendar administration. Every day, you can check statistics, direct questions, add prizes and much more. Upload all data at once or individually.


Quality leads

Choose our innovative validation technology and your new leads will be of the highest quality. We validate all e-mails and ping all telephone numbers, ensuring that you receive only valid leads. It is also possible to segment via Cameo, which divides the participants into different target groups.



Emails, which are linked to the Christmas Calendar, are sent out on a daily basis. The daily emails might contain questions about your company and “did you know” tips, through which you can activate your customers and inform them about your company’s products and services. The emails help ensure a high degree of customer involvement.



The Christmas Calendar contains dynamic animation that grabs your customers’ attention and maintains their focus when they visit it. The animation makes the Christmas Calendar more vivid, stimulating your customers along the way. As all animation is created in HTML5, it works perfectly on tablets and smartphones.


Customer database

Activate your existing customer database and generate increased loyalty. Attract new customers to your business via the leads you receive. Gather leads during the campaign period or before through a pre-launch campaign.

12 reasons

- why choose an online Christmas Calendar?



Close dialogue between us and you when setting up the Christmas Calendar is vital to minimise the execution period. We can handle everything from the graphic material and drafting of texts and questions to the purchase/delivery of prizes. You decide how much you want to be involved.



Our in-depth knowledge of digital media means we can provide high quality volume for the Christmas Calendar. This is done through a variety of delivery channels such as Display Network and Affiliate, etc.


A host of possibilities

Use the Christmas Calendar externally or run it as an internal competition among your employees. Our calendar can be expanded to become more than just a traditional competition. We can include other creative suggestions, such as video, other online games, QR codes and much more. Let us have a chat about your wishes.



By following our graphics instructions, you can develop your own unique graphics for the Christmas Calendar. Alternatively, we can provide a customised layout. Similarly, we can develop animations that make the Christmas Calendar dynamic.



Keep an eye on how your customers are using the Christmas Calendar, and accordingly how much value your Christmas Calendar is creating for your company. The tools Analytics and Cameo create a complete picture of your target group.


Maximum effect

Activate your existing customer database and generate increased customer loyalty. Get quality permission for your newsletter, for example, and get more fans on Facebook. The campaign generates increased traffic on your website, improving your bottom line. The Christmas Calendar gives you maximum effect for very little in return.

1. Generate loyalty

- build relationships and enter into a dialogue with your customers

The Christmas Calendar helps strengthen relationships with your customers. When your customers receive emails from you on a daily basis and visit your Christmas Calendar, you automatically build a relationship with them. You make them aware of your company and what you can offer them. In the daily emails, which are linked to the Christmas Calendar, and in the Christmas Calendar itself, you can enter all the information, “did you know” tips and attention-grabbing questions about your company you want. You inform your customers about your business in an easy and interesting way, while you gradually generate customer loyalty through the Christmas Calendar.

2. Get to know your customers better

- find out how they act

Your administration interface gives you access to detailed statistics which show how your customers interact with the Christmas Calendar. You can look at open rates, click-through rates, heatmap and source lists. Your customers are also classified in Cameo, allowing you to get to know them better, which you can use for further segmentation and more targeted marketing. These statistics make it easier for you to listen to and talk with your customers, and to customise your future marketing to your specific target groups, and thus get much more out of your marketing budget.

1. All this can be yours!

- Choose the right one for your business

With NetBooster’s Christmas package, you get the best basis for your Christmas Calendar. You are free to expand and maximise your Christmas Calendar, and order additional add-ons which make the Christmas Calendar your own, giving you even more opportunities to market your business through the Christmas Calendar.

Christmas Package

  • Responsive layout
  • Analytics
  • Daily emails
  • Unlimited number of subscriptions
  • Online Christmas card
  • Validation


  • Cameo
  • Facebook tab
  • Pre-launch campaign
  • Animations
  • Graphic design
  • Service
  • Affiliate
  • Re-marketing

2. Marketing channels

- gain increased awareness through the Christmas Calendar

NetBooster offers various marketing options through the Christmas Calendar. You can make use of affiliate marketing, where you can gather more leads for your permission database – naturally only paying for what you get. You also have the option of marketing your company and your Christmas Calendar through Adwords campaigns including remarketing, Facebook advertising and dialogue marketing. The Christmas Calendar helps raise awareness of your company and its products and services through our effective marketing channels.


Your way to a better ranking on search engines - primarily Google


It is about being visible where your target group is


Facebook Adds gives you a unique opportunity for segmentation


The main advantage of affiliate marketing is that your company gets the full effect for your marketing ressources


Remarketing can be run directly from your Adwords account with separate remarketing scripts

3. User-friendly administration interface

- management of your Christmas Calendar made easy!

Along with the Christmas Calendar, we offer a simple, user-friendly administration interface where you can easily enter and edit the daily questions to be included in the Christmas Calendar. You can, in addition, add the daily prizes, see the day’s winners and make general changes to the text. Our administration interface is an easy tool for the management of the Christmas Calendar, which means that several colleagues can learn to manage your calendar and help each other, without a great deal of administration time. The interface also contains a thorough test feature which makes it safe and easy for you to test the Christmas Calendar before it goes live.

4. Send Christmas cards online

- sending Christmas cards has never been easier!

With the online Christmas card, your customers can easily send an online Christmas greeting to their family, friends, colleagues, etc. Your customers can thereby encourage their friends to participate in the Christmas Calendar, and actively help spread awareness of your company.

The success of the Christmas Calendar

- Read about the success other companies have already had with our online Christmas Calendar.


- had more than 30.000 users to their online Christmas calendar in 2012

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